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Vardui Kara is a luxury jewelry company based and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. The company was founded
by designer Vardui Kara in 2017. Vardui aims to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry techniques by melding
contemporary and minimal aesthetics with bold architectural influences.

The daughter of a precious metals dealer in Downtown LA’s Jewelry District, Vardui was often a regular presence in
her father's office. Surrounded by talented designers and experts of the jewelry industry, she was empowered by the
limitless freedom she found of the design process. 

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Finance, Vardui took a leap of faith to accelerate her creative
drive. Mentoring under two sculptural jewelry designers, she learned the process of design, modeling, and casting of
her own creations while cultivating a signature style that was meaningful to her process. It was during this time that
Vardui began to engage her interests in modern, minimalist motifs and the use of complex patterns to innovate ways
of design approach.


Inspired by the Renaissance period, feminine beauty and strength, Vardui’s designs create powerful statements with
clean emboldened lines and geometric shapes. Each piece tells a story of empowerment with unique displays of
personality through intricate craftsmanship and the finest quality of precious metals and ethically-sourced stones. 
Working primarily with 18K golds subtly handset with brilliant-cut diamonds, Vardui Kara Fine Jewelry finesses
a balance of daring edginess and alluring elegance. While each piece stands alone, they are enhanced when mixed,
matched, layered and stacked.


With a passion for expression through art and creation, Vardui aims to create timeless and chic pieces that convey
emotion and can be worn everyday. 
In 2017 she launched Fortress, a collection of stackable rings forming a fortress. 
In a short period of time, Vardui Kara Fine Jewelry has been well received by Vardui’s personal clients and beyond.
Many of today’s influential stylists and celebrities have taken notice and become quick fans.