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What We Are About

Vardui Kara Jewelry is a luxury fine jewelry company designed and handcrafted in the heart of Los Angeles. 
Our mission is to provide characteristic fine jewelry at a fraction of the price to make every woman feel and 
look uniquely beautiful and confident.

Made in LA 
Maintaining control over our manufacturing process and ensuring quality standards are important to us.
Therefore,  we have chosen to work with Los Angeles manufacturers equally committed to excellent craftsmanship in
producing quality jewelry. We are happy to free ourselves and our customers from distribution and importation costs.

Our Materials
The jewelry industry is filled with all kinds of terms such as gold plating and vermeil. These terms are intended
to conceal their true meaning. We use high quality, lasting materials, from precious metals to ethically sourced diamonds.
Our jewelry is built to last. 

Fair Pricing
We believe in fine jewelry with finer price points. Our jewelry is exceptionally handcrafted with the same high
quality materials as other luxury jewelry brands but without those extra middlemen costs. We want to sell
characteristic and beautifully handmade jewelry at honest prices.