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Evil Eye Jewelry

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Evil Eye Jewelry

 Talisman, amulet, good luck charm. Known by many names, it is possible that what we've come to know as the 'evil eye' could e the good luck symbol that started it all. Pre-dating the empires of both Greece and Rome, record of the symbol has appeared for over six thousand years, across religions, cultures and geography. However, the evil eye is anything but evil. In fact, quite the opposite, the evil eye is meant to protect us from the bad luck or ill-will wished upon us by others and their evil glare. Additionally, that protective power is believed to be further strengthened when the evil eye is received as a gift from a loved one wishing us luck and prosperity. 

 Today, it's not uncommon to see the evil eye depicted in a variety of colors from pink, said to bring peace and protect friendships, to orange for creativity, and green for success. However, the color most associated with the evil eye, particularly as a form of protection from karma or those who wish us ill, is blue. Dark blue on the outer edge with concentric circles first white then turquoise, and finally a black center. And the variations don't end at the color options. The evil eye has been known by names as well. Nazar eye, Ojo Turko, and Mati being among the most recognized.

 Thus, it is not hard to see how this little blue eye made its way into popular culture. Referenced in music, depicted in art, and through countless modalities, this ancient symbol has been with us for ages. And we show no intentions of letting it go, except of course when we gift it. For all its names, colors and varieties, there is beautiful consistency i our relationship to this symbol throughout time, which is why we bestow it on those we love: to keep them safe. And that is perhaps the key to its staying power throughout history.

 For as long as there have been symbols, we have been obsessed with adorning our bodies with them. Ceremoniously, for status, and of course for protection. With clothing, ink, and perhaps most common jewelry. So it is no surprise that our centuries-long obsession for the evil eye has produced stunning pieces of jewelry. Evil eye necklaces, rings, and bracelets transcend the barriers of gender, age, and culture. Cast in precious metals and studded with diamonds, evil eye jewelry honors the strength and beauty of a symbol powerful enough to bring us together.

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