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How to Measure Your Ring Size

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How to Measure Your Ring Size

 So you’ve found your perfect ring and all that’s left to choose is your ring size. You can always visit a local jeweler and get sized in person, but sometimes you just don’t feel like doing that. So I’ll show you a super simple way to determine your ring size at home.

You’ll need a pair of scissors, ruler, paper, and pen.

First, choose which finger you want to wear your ring on. When measuring your finger, make sure your body is at room temperature because our fingers tend to shrink when we’re cold and swell when we’re warm.

  1. Cut a piece of paper.
  2. Wrap it snugly around your finger.
  3. Mark the spot where the end of that paper meets.
  4. Measure the distance using a ruler.
  5. Compare the distance to the measuring chart you can find on my website.

Here are some quick helpful tips to keep in mind when measuring your finger size at home:

  1. When you’re having trouble deciding between two sizes, always select the larger one.
  2. Strings are an inaccurate method of measuring ring size because they tend to stretch, which results in the wrong size.
  3. If your knuckles are a lot larger than the base of your finger, consider going up half a size.
  4. If you’re purchasing a wide band, you’ll find it more comfortable if you move up half a size from your measurement.
  5. Lastly, if the ring is a gift, ask the recipient’s friends or family if they know her ring size. You may also see if you can borrow one of the recipient’s existing rings for the intended finger, and measure the inner circumference of the ring and compare it to the ring chart.

Here is a video on my Instagram account (@varduikarajewelry) that demonstrates how to measure ring size:

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Hope this helps!

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