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Inspirational Jewelry

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Inspirational Jewelry

Jewelry is very much about emotion. Out of every accessory a woman can own, jewelry is such an emotional thing to own. For this reason, it is important for me to design pieces that will convey emotion. 

For those looking to purchase jewelry, fall in love with the jewelry and purchase the one that has a purpose. You will live with your jewelry all the time and it will be an extension of your personality. 

In the picture above, the model is wearing the Merlon Diamond Choker and Merlon Diamonds by the Yard Draped necklace. These necklaces are dainty and cohesive. Often times, we do not want jewelry that would get noticed. We want to wear pieces that would make us feel something instead. When the model was asked how wearing these necklaces made her feel, she replied "Like a queen." 

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