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Dazzling Diversity: Exploring the Allure of Various Diamond Shapes

The center diamond in an engagement ring serves as the unequivocal star of the show, a radiant symbol of love and commitment that captures the essence of a lifelong journey together. As a radiant focal point, it is the first stone that catches the eye when worn, so it is extremely important to pick a diamond shape that matches your personality. Choosing a diamond shape that matches your personality involves considering your individual style, preferences, and the symbolism associated with each shape. 

The first attribute that many couples often consider when shopping for an engagement ring is typically the diamond's shape. At Vardui Kara, we offer a variety of shapes so you can choose the shape that best resonates with your personality and captures the essence of your love story.

I) Round (Brilliant) Cut Diamond

The round brilliant cut stands as the pinnacle of timeless elegance in the world of diamonds. With its 57 or 68 facets meticulously arranged to maximize brilliance (known as scintillation), this shape has become a symbol of enduring beauty. The more cuts a diamond has, the more it shines. Its ability to maximize light reflection and brilliance speaks to its adaptable nature. It shines brilliantly in any lighting condition, symbolizing adaptability and resilience.Like a timeless love story, the round cut diamond represents enduring perfection. Its popularity throughout history showcases its consistent appeal and everlasting beauty. Renowned for its versatility, the round cut graces a myriad of jewelry designs, from solitaire engagement rings to classic stud earrings.

Round (Brilliant) Cut Diamond Personality

The round cut diamond is for the woman with timeless elegance. The round cut's balanced proportions contribute to a sense of harmony. This personality trait reflects a well-rounded and stable presence, much like the enduring nature of true love. The round brilliant cut diamond has a traditional and timeless personality, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate heritage and authenticity. If you appreciate elegance and simplicity, this shape is a classic choice.

What to Know When Shopping for Round Diamonds

This shape doesn't create optical illusions like other cuts do, so pay close attention to the clarity and make sure you can't see any flaws within the stone of your choice with the naked eye. Also, fancy cut shapes often appear larger than they really are, but round brilliant diamonds are true to size. Therefore, choosing the ideal carat size is important.

II) Princess Cut Diamond

A contemporary icon, the princess cut, with its sharp angles and square or rectangular shape, has become synonymous with modern elegance. Popular for engagement rings, this cut exudes a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a distinctive, geometric allure.A traditional princess cut diamond typically has 58 or 76 facets, depending on the cutting style. The more common version, with 58 facets, includes a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners. This cut is known for its clean lines and modern, geometric appearance. The additional version with 76 facets is sometimes referred to as a "modified princess cut", and it features extra facts on the pavilion, enhancing the diamond's brilliance.

Princess Cut Diamond Personality

The princess cut diamond shape is for the ambitious woman and is suited for those with a contemporary and fashion-forward style who are a true romantic at heart. The clean lines and sharp corners of the princess cut exude a modern vibe.

What to Know When Shopping for Princess Cut Diamonds

The princess cut diamond shape uses more of the uncut stone than other shapes, allowing you to extend your budget further. These diamond shapes, however, have one potential disadvantage: the fragile nature of their pointed corners. The pointed corners of the princess cut diamond are thin, making them more susceptible to chipping. One way to lower the risk of chipped corners is by choosing a ring with aa v-prong setting to keep the corners protected from wear and tear of everyday life.

III) Emerald Cut Diamond

Stepping into the realm of sophistication, the emerald cut showcases a rectangular shape with cut corners. Known for its step-cut facets, this shape imparts a regal, hall-of-mirrors effect. The emerald cut's clean lines and understated glamour make it a favorite for those who appreciate refined, vintage-inspired designs.

Emerald Cut Diamond Personality

The emerald cut diamond is perfect for strong of heart individuals who appreciate sophistication and vintage charm. The emerald cut's step-cut facets create an understated elegance. This diamond shape is best suited for a woman who is refined, bold, strong, and marches to her own drum.

What to Know When Shopping for Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond puts more emphasis on the clarity of the diamond than its sparkle. This diamond shape usually features 58 facets; however, it is less sparkly due to its step-cuts. To ensure its sparkle, make sure you get a diamond with excellent polish and symmetry grades. Another thing to look out for is this diamond's length-to-width ratio. The emerald cut diamond has the ability to create an elongated appearance, which can become more pronounced the longer and narrower the diamond is. 

IV) Asscher (or True) Cut Diamond

Evoking a sense of timeless glamour, the Asscher cut shares similarities with the emerald cut but manifests in a square shape with large step facets. The Asscher cut gained significant popularity during the Art Deco period (1920s-1930s). With its art-deco allure, the Asscher cut captures attention through its precise geometric symmetry, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate classic sophistication with a contemporary twist.

This diamond shape is known for its unique facet pattern consisting of a series of concentric squares. This step-cut arrangement creates a mesmerizing optical effect, giving the diamond a hall-of-mirrors appearance. The cut corners of the asscher shape are a defining feature, adding both character and durability ot the diamond. They contribute to the diamond's elegant silhouette and set it apart from other square or rectangular cuts.

Asscher Cut Diamond Personality

The Asscher cut diamond is best suited for women who are unique, elegant, feminine, and dramatic. Asscher cut diamonds have seen a resurgence in popularity, especially as center stones in engagement rings. Their timeless appeal, couples with a touch of vintage glamour, makes them a sought-after choice for those seeking a distinctive yet classic look. 

What to Know When Shopping for Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond puts more emphasis on the clarity of the diamond than its sparkle. This diamond shape usually features 58 facets; however, it is less sparkly due to its step-cuts. To ensure its sparkle, make sure you get a diamond with excellent polish and symmetry grades. Another thing to look out for is this diamond's length-to-width ratio. The emerald cut diamond has the ability to create an elongated appearance, which can become more pronounced the longer and narrower the diamond is. 

V) Marquise (or Navette) Cut Diamond

A variation of the brilliant cut, the marquise cut diamond is a distinctive and elegant diamond shape that boasts a regal history and timeless appeal. Dating back to the 18th century, the marquise cut diamond is said to have been commissioned by King Louis XIV of France, who requested a diamond that resembled the smile of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour.

Also known as the "navette" cut, the marquise cut is characterized by its elongated, boat-like shape with pointed ends. Its elongated shape creates an optical illusion, making the diamond appear larger than other cuts of similar carat weight. This makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a larger-looking diamond on a budget. Designed to create the illusion of longer, slender fingers, this shape often takes center state in solitaire rings and unique, artistic jewelry pieces. 

Marquise (Navette) Cut Diamond Personality

The marquise diamond is for the trendsetter and a woman who commands attention, is out-going, and a risk taker. She may have a flair for the dramatic, but that's what makes her more fun and adventurous. She isn't afraid to push the limits of today's fashion trends and loves to stand apart from the crowd. 

What to Know When Shopping for Marquise Cut Diamonds

The marquise cut typically features 56 or 58 facets, including both the crown and pavilion. The unique facet pattern enhances the diamond's brilliance and scintillation, creating a play of light that adds to its overall allure.Due to its pointed ends, the marquise cut is often set with protective prongs or bezels to shield the delicate tips. This not only adds a layer of security but can also enhance the overall design. It's important to pay attention to the diamond's length-to-width ratio. The classic marquise cut has a ratio of 1.75 - 2.15 ratio. Symmetry is also very important. The two pointed ends should align with each other. Even the slightest misalignment in the end points can result in an off kilter look in the final setting. For this reason, excellent or very good symmetry is strongly recommended. 

VI) Oval Cut Diamond

One of the most popular stone purchases for engagement rings, the oval cut diamond, a delightful variation of the classic round brilliant offers a harmonious blend of tradition an uniqueness. Introduced in the 1960s, its elongated form imparts a flattering appearance, making it a sought-after choice for those who design an elegant yet distinctive diamond. Like the brilliant cut, the oval cut is designed to maximize brilliance and sparkle. Its 57 or 58 facets are strategically arranged to enhance the play of light, creating a dazzling effect.

Similar to the marquise cut, the elongated nature of the oval cut can create an optical illusion, making the diamond appear larger than other shapes of similar carat weight. Its elongated shape is also flattering on fingers by creating the illusion of longer, slender fingers. Oval cuts are versatile and complement various settings, from solitaires to halo designs. The oval cut's smooth and continuous curves add a touch of softness to its appearance. 

Oval Diamond Personality

The oval cut diamond is for the sophisticated rebel. Its gentle aesthetic appeals to individuals who appreciate a balance of sophistication and subtlety. This bold diamond cut suits a woman who is innovative, independent, sophisticated, and who is also a leader.

What to Know When Shopping for Oval Cut Diamonds

While oval cut diamonds offer a unique and elegant appearance, like any diamond shape, they come with certain considerations. One common concern with oval cut diamonds is the presence of a "bow-tie effect". This is a dark, bow-tie-shaped shadow that can appear in the center of the diamond. It occurs when light leaks out through the pavilion, creating a dark area. The severity of the bow-tie effect varies among diamonds and it's crucial to carefully inspect the stone before purchase. Also, due to the oval cut's elongated shape and large table facet, inclusions or imperfections may be more visible. Choosing a diamond with a higher clarity grade can help minimize this issue. 

VII) Radiant Cut Diamond

A perfect fusion of the round brilliant and emerald cuts, the radiant cut boasts a square or rectangular shape with trimmed corners. First introduced in the 1970s, the radiant cut has gained popularity for its stunning brilliance and adaptability to various jewelry styles. One of the defining features of the radiant cut is its ability to exhibit exceptional brilliance and fire. It typically features a combination of brilliant and step-cut facets. This unique facet arrangement contributes to the diamond's brilliance and scintillation, offering a balance between the flashiness of a brilliant cut and the elegance of a step cut. With its 70 facets or more, the radiant cut maximizes light reflection, creating a dazzling play of colors that captivates the eye. 

Radiant cut diamonds are incredibly versatile and complement various settings. They work well as solitaires, in three-stone designs, or surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. They can be forgiving when it comes to hiding inclusions or imperfections. The cut's faceting can help conceal certain flaws, making it a suitable choice for those who prioritize a clean appearance. 

Radiant Cut Diamond Personality

Women who like radiant cut diamonds tend to be a class act who are charming and outgoing. The radiant cut successfully combines romantic elegance with modern flair. Its versatility allows for individuals to express their unique style while enjoying the timeless appeal of a well-cut diamond.

What to Know When Shopping for a Radiant Cut Diamond

Like any diamond shape, radiant cuts come with certain considerations that potential buyers should be aware of. For instance, radiant cut diamonds have a lot of depth to them and carry most of their weight underneath the stone. This causes it to lessen the brilliance, so if you want extra shine, you will have to look for a larger stone. The deepness of the stone will also acquire a setting that can withstand the diamond's weight, adding to the price. 

Lastly, radiant cut diamonds are available in both square and rectangular shapes. The shape you choose should come down to personal preference, but it is important to pay attention to the cut's length-to-width ratio. Square radiant cut diamonds will have a ratio of 1-1.3 and rectangular ones will have a ratio of 1.2-1.3.

VIII) Pear (or Teardrop) Cut Diamond

The pear cut diamond, often referred to as the teardrop cut, is a distinctive and elegant choice that combines the classic brilliance of the round cut with a unique, asymmetrical shape. With a rich history dating back to the 15th century, the pear cut has evolved into a symbol of refined beauty and individuality. The pear cut is characterized by its rounded end that gracefully tapers to a single point, creating a silhouette reminiscent of a teardrop. This shape adds a touch of romance and sophistication to the diamond. 

Similar to the round brilliant cut, the pear cut maximizes brilliance and sparkle. Its 58 or 59 facets are strategically arranged to optimize light reflection. The elongated shape of the pear is known to create the illusion of longer, slender fingers, making it a flattering choice for those who appreciate a visually elongating effect. A pear diamond's top surface is 8% bigger than a round diamond's. 

Pear Diamond Personality

The pear shape diamond is for the hopeless romantic. The teardrop shape of the pear cut diamond is often associated with tears of joy, making it a symbol of emotional connection and lasting happiness. This pear diamond is best suited for a woman who is sentimental, tender, loving, deeply romantic, and playful.

What to Know When Shopping for a Pear Cut Diamond

Pear cut diamonds are rarely well-cut and have a fragile tip that is prone to chipping. Pear cuts are often set with protective prongs or bezels to safeguard the delicate tip. Most pear shapes are set with 5 prongs with a v-shaped prong to protect the pointed tip from damage.

IX) Cushion (or Pillow) Cut Diamond

Exuding a vintage charm and romantic appeal, the cushion cut showcases a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. The cushion cut's origins trace back to the 19th century, making it a popular choice for vintage-inspired jewelry. However, its timeless elegance also translates well into modern designs, attracting individuals who appreciate a perfect blend of the classic and the contemporary. They're renowned for their brilliance and sparkle. The combination of large facets and a deep pavilion allows these diamonds to exhibit a distinctive play of light, creating a captivating and radiant appearance.

Cushion cut diamonds come in a variety of length-to-width ratios, offering individuals the option to choose a more square or rectangular appearance based on personal preferences.

Cushion Cut Diamond Personality

The cushion cut diamond is for the old soul. It is best suited for a woman who is humble, nostalgic, fashionable, romantic, and easy-going. She may like the cushion cut if she has a love for vintage clothing and antiques.

What to Know When Shopping for Cushion Cut Diamonds

There are two facet style varieties: antique or crushed ice. An antique cushion cut has precise facet patterns. A crushed ice cushion diamond has irregular facet patterns. Since cushion cut diamonds aren't as popular are brilliant round diamonds, you can expect to pay less for a cushions than an equivalent round diamond. However, cushion cut diamonds tend to have a deeper cut and can therefore, look smaller when viewed alongside shallower cut stones (such as, oval or radiant cuts). This diamond shape carries more of its weight in its base, which isn't visible when viewed from the top.

X) Heart Cut Diamonds

The heart cut diamond is instantly recognizable for its romantic and symbolic shape, representing love and unity. It's a popular choice for those who want their diamond to carry deep sentimental meaning. Heart cut diamonds typically have 59 or 61 facets, creating a brilliant and sparkling appearance. The unique faceting enhances the diamond's ability to reflect light, adding to its captivating allure. Heart shaped diamonds are similar to pear cut diamonds with their contrasting pointed and curved edges but are cut with a cleft at the top that transforms the diamond into the iconic symbol for old school romantics.

Heart Cut Diamond Personality

Heart cut diamonds are best for women who are deeply romantic, feminine, emotional, caring, and loving. She is someone who exudes femininity, cares deeply and is an emotional rock for many. 

What to Know When Shopping for a Heart Cut Diamond

Ratio is extremely important when choosing a heart cut diamond. The ideal is ratio is between 0.90 - 1.10. Heart cut diamonds are one of the most difficult shapes to cut; therefore, selection of heart cut diamonds to choose from in the market is limited.

Embracing the Modern Day Renaissance Woman: Mastering the Art of Balance


Image by Guy Aroch for Violet Grey, Instagram @guyaroch
 In a world that celebrates versatility and empowerment, the concept of the modern-day Renaissance woman has emerged as a symbol of strength, resilience, and boundless capabilities. Gone are the days of confining labels; today's women are rewriting the script, embracing a multifaceted approach to life that transcends traditional boundaries.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

A modern-day Renaissance woman is characterized by her insatiable thirst for knowledge. Whether she's delving into science, the arts, technology, or philosophy, she approaches each subject with curiosity and a hunger for understanding. The internet serves as her vast library, enabling her to explore diverse fields and expand her intellectual horizons.

Professional Prowess

Beyond academia, the modern Renaissance woman excels in her professional endeavors. She navigates the corporate world, entrepreneurship, or any chosen career path with skill and determination. Her ability to adapt and thrive in different domains showcases her resilience and versatility.

Creative Expression

Artistic expression is a crucial aspect of the modern Renaissance woman's identity. Whether it's through painting, writing, music, or any other form of creativity, she finds solace and fulfillment in channeling her emotions and ideas into tangible works of art. This creative outlet becomes a means of self-discovery and a way to connect with others on a deeper level.

Athleticism and Physical Well-being

A commitment to physical health and wellness is integral to the modern Renaissance woman's lifestyle. She recognizes the importance of a sound mind in a healthy body and embraces various forms of physical activity. Whether it's yoga, weightlifting, or team sports, she understands the holistic benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle.

Social Consciousness

The modern Renaissance woman is not confined to personal pursuits; she actively engages in social issues and advocates for positive change. From environmental consciousness to social justice, she uses her voice and influence to contribute to a better world. Her empathy and compassion drive her to make a meaningful impact on society.

Nurturing Relationships

Balancing her diverse interests and responsibilities, the modern Renaissance woman also prioritizes meaningful relationships. Whether as a partner, friend, or family member, she invests time and energy in cultivating connections. Her ability to empathize and communicate effectively strengthens the bonds she forms.
Embracing Balance

Crucially, the modern Renaissance woman is a master of balance. She recognizes that life is a tapestry of interconnected experiences, and she weaves them together harmoniously. By acknowledging the ebb and flow of priorities, she navigates the complexities of modern life with grace and poise.

In essence, the modern-day Renaissance woman is a celebration of the limitless potential within every woman. Breaking free from societal expectations, she defines her own narrative, embodying a harmonious blend of intellect, creativity, physical prowess, and social consciousness. As women continue to redefine their roles in the 21st century, the modern Renaissance woman stands as a beacon of empowerment, inspiring others to embrace their multifaceted nature and live authentically.

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