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Fine Jewelry Designs, Trends, & Tips

14 Karat Vs 18 Karat Gold

14 Karat Vs 18 Karat Gold
It is important to know the difference between 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold so that you may determine which aspects of gold jewelry matter to you most. Continue reading

Jewelry and Feminine Strength

Jewelry and Feminine Strength

Did you know that you can know a woman better once you've seen her jewelry? Every piece of jewelry worn tells a story. It shares a chapter of your life. That is exactly why you can't ever have too much jewelry.

Jewelry has the power to compliment your natural beauty and make you feel unique. My mission is to inject the jewelry market with exclusive designs to make every woman feel and look uniquely beautiful and confident.

In 2017, I launched my first collection, Fortress. I chose to first make available its rings, which are influenced by feminine identity through strength and unbreakable spirit. Strong vertical bars in 18 karat gold glaze the fingers and are held together by horizontal peak motifs. Truly a timeless and sophisticated design, the Fortress rings stacked up together form the appearance of a castle tower.

Because, after all, a Fortress doesn't fall unless her towers are weakened. 

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Do's & Don'ts For Jewelry Care

Do's & Don'ts For Jewelry Care

Hey there and welcome to our first blog post! At Vardui Kara, we love and enjoy fine jewelry. Jewelry can be associated with the most awesome moments in our lives. Sure, fine jewelry can tend to be a little high-maintenance, but jewelry is also a personal means of self-expression. That is why we have decided our first blog post to be about the do's & don'ts for keeping you and your jewelry happy. 

1. Do: Use Water

Some jewelry cleaning solutions in the market can be too abrasive for natural stones. When in doubt, use a warm water solution with a couple drops of non-detergent soap to clean and soak your fine jewelry in for about 5-10 minutes. 

2. Do: Use a Soft Toothbrush

When worn often, diamonds can get not-so-shiny. Not to worry, just simply soak your diamond jewelry for 10 minutes in a mixture of warm water and non-detergent soap. Then, gently brush the stones clean using a very soft toothbrush.

3. Don't: Slather in Lotion

This is extremely important because lotion, perfumes, and cosmetics can ruin the finish on your fine jewelry and discolor the metals. 

4. Do: Store Properly

After removing your jewelry, store each piece separately into a soft fabric pouch. This will prevent it from getting scratched, especially when placed inside a purse.

5. Don't: Wear When Swimming / Showering / Cleaning / Exercising

Remove your jewelry when taking a dip in the swimming pool or taking a shower. The chlorine in the pool can cause discoloration and wear the metals down. When performing chores, remove your jewelry to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals found in cleaning fluids. Add sweat to the list of things that can cause discoloration to your jewelry and its colors to fade. 

Jewelry is meant to be worn, seen, and treasured. Enjoy it with care!


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